Legends of the Hidden Temple Team Names

Legends of the Hidden Temple costume

What are the team names from on Legends of the Hidden Temple and what do they mean?  Historians say the true meanings behind the Legends of the Hidden Temple team names have have been long lost, hundreds of years ago.

Until now, that is.  We've uncovered the history behind each of the team names.

Blue Barracudas

The Blue Barracudas have historically been linked to swift deadly action.  It is this quality that has instilled the Mayan people with unprecedented speed and intricate precision in catching contestants on the Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Our Legends of the Hidden Temple Costumes have been blessed by Shaman Chorizo as it is believed to give the user unmatched speed and precision.

Green Monkeys

Green Monkeys Legends of the Hidden Temple shirt

The Green Monkeys exhibit the ancient Mayan belief of balance in life. They believe all things weather it sound, vibration, people, or tree’s all are built entirely of matter based in sound, resonance, vibrations, and essentially waves. All things that embody the Legends of the Hidden Temple.

While it is essential for a tribe to be absolute maniacs of athleticism capable of deadly force in order to ensure their survival, all people need to live freely, happy, and healthy in order to maintain wellness. That is why the Green Monkeys shirts represent the human aspect: wild, free, and uninhibited expression. Furthermore, the Green Monkeys are the providers of magical cactus fruit, which allow the Mayan temple guards to visit parallel universes, while dancing around fires in the jungle. All praise the Green Monkeys!

Silver Snakes

Silver Snakes Legends of the Hidden Temple shirts

The Silver Snakes were believed to represent the stealthiness required to scour the ancient Mayan rainforests necessary to be able to travel unnoticed to both hunters, and prey alike.

When all Mayans reach their 14th year of each lunar cycle, he or she would have to pass through a snake-juggling right of passage. All those that passed were deemed worthy of adulthood. All those that failed died agonizing deaths due to massive amounts of venomous snake bites.

Anybody wearing one of our Silver Snakes Legends of the Hidden Temple shirts is guaranteed to deflect the venom of any snake who crosses her path.

Purple Parrots

In recent years it has come to light that dinosaurs were more closely related with birds then with reptiles. It turns out that millions of years ago, the Purple Parrots were the baddest dinosaur birds to walk the Earth.

The purple parrots’ vibrant color was a sign of wealth and respect amongst all creatures in the animal community, and no animal dared to mess with it. Archaeologists have recently discovered that the Purple Parrot was apex predator of the Dinosaur world which some may know today as Indominus Rex.

Red Jaguars

Believed to be the "Alpha Males" or "Bosses" of pretty much the entire planet, the Red Jaguars represented the dominance that the Mayan people bestowed upon their continent. Unlike those Aztec sissies, Mayans were just some straight up boss ass G’s.

Shaman Capone has blessed our Red Jaguar shirts. All that bears the Red Jaguars Legends of the Hidden Temple costume is believed to consistently rank in the top 3 baddest mofo’s in any given room... well, depending on the room.

Orange Iguanas

Coveted by the Mayans as "nature’s third eye", the Orange Iguanas represented scientific exploration and wonder.  The iguana has a detached brain, capable of incredibly deep thought into the deepest, darkest corners of our universe.

The Orange Iguana’s represented the knowledge and understand of the metaphysical and paraphysical realms.  All who wear this Legends of the Hidden Temple costume are believed to have the greatest chance of saying the deepest, most introspective comment of the party...  Depending on the party.